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We are a non-profit organization established in 1999 to improve the quality of life in the San Francisco Peninsula area by supporting programs that foster educational growth. Our primary goal is to provide financial assistance in the form of educational scholarships and awards to individuals and organizations.


During my studies at San Francisco State University, I worked, lived at home in San Mateo, commuted to SF State, and received funds from the Foundation for four years. Those funds will enable me to graduate in 2019 with no debt. For those funds from the Delta San Francisco-Peninsula Foundation, I am truly grateful.


- Adesia Cotton, Kathryn L. Campbell Scholar


2019 marks 20 years that the Delta San Francisco-Peninsula Foundation has been in existence. In celebration of this significant milestone, a few of our scholars provided us with beautiful messages which we share with you below. Enjoy hearing from them by unmuting the volume.  

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