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The Foundation supports and sponsors programs in five core areas, including economic development, educational development, international awareness and involvement, physical and mental health, and political awareness and involvement.  For the past three years, the Foundation has hosted its annual Financial Fortitude Workshop, which seeks to empower and educate community members about how to manage their finances.  A strong supporter of the arts, the Foundation has also hosted evenings with performers, which not only bring premiere performers to the Bay Area, but also raise money for our scholarship recipients.  The Foundation is eager to expand its programming areas, as it seeks to increase its partners and sponsors.


No upcoming events at the moment



The Foundation’s goal is to provide practical personal finance advice to our community to practice sound financial habits. Our goal is to move beyond community education to changing money behaviors.

The Financial Fortitude Workshop is a free educational series that helps participants gain a better understanding of money and how effective saving and investment strategies can positively impact their lives. Through the Financial Fortitude Workshop, the Foundation strives to inspire individuals and families to become fiscally fit and more proactive in planning for the future. Past keynote speakers include Valerie Coleman-Morris, an Emmy-award winning journalist and author; Belva Davis, a broadcast pioneer and author; and Carolyn Samiere, Esq., Project Counsel for SRI International.  Workshops target community members of all ages and throughout the years we’ve hosted the following workshops:

  • Estate Planning

  • Advancing Your Career

  • Investments in Retirement

  • Financial Literacy for Youth

  • Understanding and Preventing Fraud

  • Getting Fiscally Fit: Budgeting, Saving and Investing

  • College Bound: What You Need to Know about Financial Aid

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